The good news is that Jesus still heals people today
Welcome to Healing Rooms
We believe that Jesus Christ continues to heal people today just like he did when he lived on Earth. Today he works through his followers in many different ways. Healing Rooms are one of the ways he is using to see people healed.

Just like the times described in the Bible accounts of Jesus' life this healing is available to anyone.

At Healing Rooms you can receive prayer, encouragement and love for physical and emotional healing. No charge and no appointment needed.

We are convinced God wants good things to happen to you. We believe he wants you to
be fully healed and pain free.
Healing Rooms reopened in Spokane, Washington, USA in 1999 and have since expanded to 76 nations. There are more than 3,000 Healing Rooms world-wide. The number of Healing Rooms in New Zealand is growing.
Healing Rooms New Zealand is the recognised national representative of the International Association of Healing Rooms
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