More Information for Visitors
If you are thinking about visiting a Healing Rooms for prayer and would like to ask some more questions email your nearest healing rooms (see the Locations tab) or email the National Director.

You might first wish to check out the about healing rooms page

Training & Starting a Healing Room
Training is provided in areas where a group of people have gathered to look at starting a Healing Rooms. The training is also suitable for anyone interested in learning and understanding about healing but not necessarily interested in joining a healing rooms.

Application forms can be downloaded by clicking on the links for the venue. 
There is a fee to cover the cost of holding the training session. 
Most sessions occur on a Saturday and take the whole day.

If you are thinking of starting a Healing Rooms in your area you are welcome to contact us. 

Julie Calvert
National Director

Telephone: 021 925 775
Email: National Director