More Information for Visitors
If you are thinking about visiting a Healing Rooms for prayer and would like to ask some more questions email your nearest healing rooms 
(see the Locations tab) or email the National Director.

You might first wish to check out the about healing rooms page

Training & Starting a Healing Room
We offer training and impartation days to equip anyone wanting to encounter God’s love  and learn more about the Holy Spirit and  Healing Rooms model. 
God blesses these days in remarkable ways – 
those who come often receive healing for themselves as they encounter the Father’s love and learn how to minister in the power and authority of Jesus.

Anyone is welcome to attend these days and there is no charge, but we do welcome a koha (donation) to further the work of Healing Rooms in New Zealand 
– love to see you all welcome

Julie Calvert
National Director

Telephone: 021 925 775
Email: National Director